Location of the asahi tower project

Asahi Tower is a project invested by the Company 577 with a total capital of over 148 billion dong. The project is built with a scale of 4,372.22m2, of which the land for apartment building is 740m2, the land for office building is 1,172m2, the land for greenery is 600m2 and the traffic land, yards and yards is 1,812.22m2.

Asahi Tower includes an 18-storey apartment building and a 16-storey office building block, bringing to the market 102 high-class apartments, meeting the living needs of 476 people.

The apartments at Asahi Tower range from 37m2 to 102m2, so it is suitable for many different customers. These apartments are designed in a modern and youthful style with airy, cool space, full of wind and natural light. At the same time, the interior and equipment inside each apartment are arranged in a harmonious, reasonable manner, bringing comfort and elegance to the users.

Du an Asahi Tower is located at the intersection of East-West Boulevard with Inner Ring Road, located in Ward 6, District 8.

Location of the asahi tower project

Du an Asahi Tower is located at the intersection of East-West Boulevard with Inner Ring Road, located in Ward 6, District 8. This is considered a favorable location with East-West Boulevard with a 60m-width road to the North. , the planned road is 12m wide in the south and west, and the east is adjacent to the existing land. At the same time, thanks to the widespread traffic system in many directions with arterial roads of the city, from this apartment area, project residents can move to neighboring districts, centers and provinces. East and Southwest quickly and easily.

Not only that, due to being located on the East-West Boulevard with many large apartment projects being implemented, Asahi Tower residents also enjoy a not only modern but also very civilized living environment.

The facilities that Asahi Tower brings

With the desire to help their community enjoy a modern and convenient life, the investor has dedicated many areas of Asahi Tower to attractive internal facilities such as shopping centers, gyms. , beauty care centers, coffee shops, restaurants, kindergartens, etc. All try to serve the residents with the best quality goods and services.

In addition to the above internal facilities, the value of Asahi Tower is also resonated by the connection with surrounding modern facilities such as Kien Duc market, Phu Dinh market, Metro supermarket, Big C supermarket. An Lac, An Lac Market, Bong Sen Kindergarten, Nguyen Cong Tru Primary School, Binh Dong Secondary School, Nguyen Thi Dinh High School, etc. Thanks to that, all the needs of the residents are met by the Asahi Tower. perfectly.

Asahi Tower located on Vo Van Kiet Street

As a project built under the social housing program, Can ho asahi Tower will meet the needs of a modern living place for cadres, workers and young intellectuals of the city.

Du an Asahi Tower

Location of the asahi tower project

Asahi Tower located on Vo Van Kiet Street, District 8, right at the intersection of Vo Van Kiet Street and modern Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, providing a convenient transport system for residents of the project.

From this location, it only takes about 5 minutes to reach the center of District 7 as well as only about 15 minutes to reach District 1, 3, 5, 6 by many different ways. For example, from the project, people can go to District 5 via the extended Vo Van Kiet Street, to District 1, District 2 through Nguyen Van Cu Street, to Phu My Hung via Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard or to the South. West through Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard and Outer Ring Road.

Besides, the right side of the Asahi Tower is the existing residential, villas and riverside houses, giving customers a not only modern but also very civilized living environment.

Overview of asahi tower project

Asahi Tower is an apartment project invested by 577 Group Company and exclusively distributed by 577 Real Estate Service – Construction – Investment Co., Ltd. with a total investment of about 1,532 billion dong.

Asahi Tower has a scale of 3 hectares with a total floor area of ​​apartments of 54,906m2 and a commercial center floor area of ​​32,157m2. The project consists of 2 blocks of 30-storey apartment buildings and 70 townhouses, bringing the market to 1,800 modern and comfortable apartments.

The apartments here range from 51m2 to 70m2 with 1 to 3 bedrooms, so suitable for young families. All are modernly designed, airy with separate balconies and beautiful views, creating luxurious and luxurious living spaces for everyone.

The facilities are available at Asahi Tower

Du an Asahi Tower is built with a combination of modern interior amenities such as spacious parking basement, green park, high-class swimming pool on the ground floor, comfortable kindergarten, luxurious restaurant, kid play. I am eligible or a chain of convenience stores to serve the shopping, entertainment and entertainment needs of the residents. Besides, the safety of the project residents is also guaranteed with a full surveillance camera system and professional security team. At the same time, with 4 high-speed elevators equipped in 2 blocks, surely moving inside the apartment is also extremely convenient and fast.

Not only has modern interior facilities, but thanks to its convenient location, residents of Asahi Tower also inherit many attractive foreign utilities such as facing the 15-hectare ecological park, adjacent to Phu My Hung new urban area. or located near SC Vivo City – one of the biggest entertainment in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the project is also located near RMIT University, Ton Duc Thang, Anh Viet International School, Pham The Hien Market, Tam Duc Heart Hospital, FV Hospital, … Thanks to that, the quality of life of Asahi Tower residents will never stop rising.

Causes of Corgi dog training

– Defecating in the wrong position is a problem that most dogs encounter. They go wherever they like making you tired of cleaning up their battlefield.

– The stubbornness of the Corgi dog can also be considered top. They like to play around more than to listen to your words. You will have a hard time without training them.

– Too friendly with everyone around, anyone can play with them. Because of that, it’s easy to be stolen by others. If you don’t want your dog to be stolen one day, teach him how to take precautions against strangers.

– Or biting furniture around. You have to train them when they are young, or the furniture will be bitten by them.

The dog training Corgi is not easy these are not difficult. You just need to know how and add perseverance to make your stubborn dog obedient.

=> Cách huấn luyện chó Corgi hiệu quả mà đơn giản ngay tại nhà

Things not to be missed when traveling to Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet – Mui Ne tourism is a promising land for tourists to flee the busy street to a pristine, breathtaking natural area with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, promising to bring tourists. Guests memorable experiences. Here are suggestions of interesting things that anyone coming to Mui Ne should try once.

Things not to be missed when traveling to Phan Thiet

Mui Ne sandboarding

Visiting Mui Ne, it is impossible not to try sand sliding. The climate is hot all year round, and desertification has created vast sand dunes in Phan Thiet. Du lịch Phú Yên – Quy Nhơn In recent years, the growing skateboard rental service helps Mui Ne to develop tourism despite the harsh climate.

The famous sand dunes in Mui Ne: White Sand Dunes (Bau Trang), Golden Sand Dunes (Do Cat Bay), Red Sand Dunes.

Sand-skating is a very attractive sport because visitors have been active, adventurous but still very safe because sand here is very smooth. Visitors will be sliding along the long slopes feeling really refreshing, scream loudly to relieve stress, sorrow.

Photographed in Mui Ne

Dong Dia, Bau Trang, Bau Sen, Suoi Tien, or Golden Sand Dunes beaches are all breathtaking, unique natural beauty that visitors cannot find anywhere.

The scenery here transforms according to the pristine sea time in the morning, brilliant at noon and shimmering at night when the bamboo boats set out to fish squid. Du lịch Sài Gòn Mộc Châu Or sand dunes may change shape as soon as you take the previous photo just by a strong breeze blowing through.

All create a special attraction of the natural landscape here that most professional or amateur photographers are eager to come here to record.

Go to seafood market at dawn

Going to the market is not only to find fresh and cheap seafood, but also to find out the livelihoods of the fishermen here.

If you want to go to the seafood market, you should get up early in the morning, follow the beach to the crowded place, the sound of buyers and sellers stir. Large boats landed, lots of freshly caught fish, shrimp, crab and squid. Visitors can also buy their favorite seafood thanks to the hotel processing households and enjoy it soon.

Tour du lịch Sài Gòn Củ Chi

4 very good alleys to check in in Saigon

The thought of Saigon is always busy and hustle in every breath, to the footsteps of wanderers so fleeing to find the remote areas. But when we spend some free time wandering around Saigon, we also find quite nice places that maybe the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes us unrecognizable. One of those places is probably the peaceful alley hidden between the bustling metropolis, where people have been flocking together recently, enjoying the rare silence and virtual life. So cool. Let Travel SGCC walk the alleys that are like distilled water.

4 very good alleys to check in in Saigon

Alley 144 Pasteur

144 Pasteur Alley is just a path to Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Du lịch Sài Gòn Đà Nẵng Bà Nà Saigon – a rather strange craft brewery of two American owners. The alley is only about 100m long but it is a very popular check-in location for young Saigoners.

The alley impresses with two funny wall decor with embossed inscriptions listing place names and typical regional fruits in Vietnam. A colorful, interesting background for the check-in picture to be cooler than ever.

Not only that, in the evening, when the yellow lights hanging above, the alley looked very shimmering, combined with colorful paintings around, making the place turn into a mysterious tunnel. Virtual for you to take pictures.

Japanese alley

Located on Le Thanh Ton Street, where many Japanese restaurants are gathered, that’s why this small alley has a strange name “Little Japan”. Once walking in this place, people thought they were traveling in a distant Japan.

There, we see restaurants with wooden walls, colorful lanterns hanging in front of the door, signs, deep brown doors with flying curtains … All of which remind people of the country. Du lịch Sài Gòn Kiên Giang Daydreaming cherry blossoms.

Then every time you come to Little Japan, people can just enjoy the dishes typical of the land of the rising sun, and take advantage of taking photos to check in for the most shimmering photos.

Alley 41 Pham Ngoc Thach

Just a few slogan and the random black-and-white drawings on the white painted walls look quite old stretching from the beginning of the alley to the end of the alley, but that makes the alley become lovely and lively and.

So it will be flawed if you come to Saigon without checking in. The funny wallpaper in the alley 41 Pham Ngoc Thach will surely bring you pictures that look very skillful.

Tour du lịch đi từ tphcm đến singapore

Experience Vam Sat Can Gio eco-tourism

Can Gio is an ideal tourist destination in Saigon on the weekend, only about 2 hours by motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City Center, the way through Vam Sat mangrove forest is very beautiful, bringing a feeling of unique nature experience unique for you.

Experience Vam Sat Can Gio eco-tourism

Vam Sat is a famous eco-tourism area located in Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve, in Ho Chi Minh City, about 45 km from the city center. Tour singapore 3 ngày 2 đêm

The entire Can Gio forest area covers an area of ​​up to 75,740 ha, which is home to many species of plants and animals. During the war, the forest was heavily damaged, later renovated, restored and protected as a place of scientific research as well as conservation of rare plants and animals.

Taking advantage of the natural characteristics and inherent biodiversity, the local government has planned Vam Sat Can Gio area to be an ideal eco-tourism site. However, environmental issues and biodiversity conservation are always on top priority. So when visiting, tourism here visitors must obey the strict regulations of the management.

Tour du lịch từ tphcm đến hà nội

Discover the uniqueness of Sapa night market

The scenery is so beautiful, the mountains are so beautiful, the trees, the clouds and sky are so beautiful, it all appears like a colorful love song. Then with that poetic sky, the romantic love stories became immortal, impelling people to come back to Sapa .

Discover the uniqueness of Sapa night market

Sapa Love Market is held every Saturday night, where the focus is mainly Sapa town. Tour du lịch nước ngoài giá rẻ Love market is mainly organized by the Dao people.

The word ‘love market’ sounds strange because, because it was a market, there must be a seller, but the love here is how to take it out to weigh and measure with money. Understand the two words ‘love market’, which is a place for boys and girls, who have not yet met, to love each other.

Sapa Love Market is held every Saturday night is the fair held by the Dao people. From the afternoon, the girls had gathered in the streets, in the yard of the church, dressed in colorful dresses, ornate patterns, with silver bracelets and colorful earrings.

Even more attractive is the cheers whenever the girls lift their footsteps from the lovely bronze rattles on the headscarves.

Their target is Dao boys dressed in indigo clothes, towels of the same color, watch hands and shoulder cassettes.

Du lịch Sài Gòn Cà Mau

Discover Tam Chuc Pagoda in Ha Nam

Previously, the majestic but magical look of Trang An – Bai Dinh spiritual monument made tourists everywhere fascinated, now people are even more excited when news of another super project is coming. figure in Hà Nam. That is the complex of Tam Chuc Pagoda, Ba Sao Temple, a project that is expected to be the largest in Vietnam after being completed and is a temple that owns many rare and precious treasures in the world. Tour du lịch hè Currently, although the items are still unfinished, Tam Chuc Pagoda has become a tourist and worship destination for tourists from everywhere. Let’s travel with SGCC to discover the special things hidden inside this magnificent temple.

Discover Tam Chuc Pagoda in Ha Nam

Tam Chuc Pagoda is located in Ba Sao town, Kha Phong commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province, about 60km from the center of Hanoi city. The entire temple complex has a total area of ​​5000 hectares, including lakes, natural rocky mountains and valleys, creating a pristine and spectacular scenery, as if a “Ha Long Bay on land” of Vietnam Male.

The pagoda was built on the foundation of the old Tam Chuc pagoda, which according to the collected artifacts, archaeologists concluded that this ancient temple dates back over 1,000 years. Tour du lịch từ tphcm đến hà nội Now, through many ups and downs of space and time, that place only leaves wooden pillars, stone pillars, stone beams buried.

Tam Chuc Pagoda has a quite special position “Pre-continent music, Hau seven-star” with three sides surrounded by a series of seven-star-shaped star-shaped mountains. immense water bearing. It is said that the six mountains in the middle of the lake in front of the temple are the six heavenly bells brought down and the seven mountains behind have big bright spots like seven shimmering stars every night.

A terrestrial spiritual masterpiece, so when viewed from above, Tam Chuc Pagoda is nestled in the middle of a unique submerged limestone area combined with immature landscape and extremely majestic water that makes anyone join. The picture of a poem imprinted with poetry that the Creator’s hands made a lot of effort to set up.

Du lịch Côn Đảo giá rẻ

Irresistible delicacies when traveling to Vung Tau

Ray hotpot

Dua Lau hotpot is a popular dish in Vung Tau, you will be “knocked out” by the delicious taste of fish meat dipped in the pot of rich, sweet broth. Enjoy the hot pot with your best friends to exchange family stories comfortably. The price of a hotpot ranges from VND 150,000 – VND 200,000, a reasonable price to enjoy a famous delicious dish in Vung Tau.

Lobster blood pudding

This is a unique dish in Vung Tau, can be considered the culinary essence of the people of Vung Tau. Tour du lịch thái lan giá rẻ Turn the shrimp upside down with a sharp knife to the end of the body or the breast of the shrimp to collect blood. Green lobster secretion is processed with black tiger shrimp, cilantro, perilla, pepper, lemon, basil.

Salad with shellfish

Irresistible delicacies when traveling to Vung Tau

The ingredients for this dish are not too picky, just prepare apricot, and some spices: Onions, garlic, lemongrass, rice paper, raw vegetables. This dish costs a lot of rice paper and raw vegetables, so be sure to prepare a little more. When eating apricot fish mixed with onion, garlic, lemongrass, spices wrapped with raw vegetables and then dipped in broth. Tour du lịch khuyến mãi Enjoy each aftertaste of the dish of instant melt in the mouth without stopping.

Salted egg sponge cake

Salted egg sponge cake has been in place for a long time in Vung Tau, coming here you are not difficult to find and enjoy this cake. Each small piece of cake fits deliciously deliciously, this cake is as soft as the workman’s hand making it, making diners eat once without forgetting the taste.

Khám phá làng du lịch Tre Việt

The most attractive tourist destinations when coming to Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a famous tourist center of  Phan Thiet , increasingly attracting large numbers of domestic and international tourists. Let’s visit the famous tourist destinations not to be missed here.

Bai Rang

The most attractive tourist destinations when coming to Mui Ne

Rang beach or Rang beach is the most beautiful beach in the city. Giá tour du lịch nước ngoài Phan Thiet is far from the city center about 15 km to the North. It has white sand beaches and coconut trees swaying in the wind, wild and beautiful scenery.

Tourists come here to have fun in the clear blue water with interesting sea entertainment or enjoy the grilled green flying fish dishes.

Hon Rom

Hon Rom is located in Long Son Hamlet, Mui Ne Ward, City. Tour du lịch việt nam giá rẻ Phan Thiet, famous for its wild and peaceful beauty. The scenery at Rom Island should be charming with clear blue water, gentle waves, like a paradise island.

Visitors here can stroll on the beach to watch the sunrise or sunset; take unique photos. In the evening guests can organize a campfire with friends. In Hon Rom, the beach cluster has many areas such as Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2, Thuy Trang …

Poshanu Cham Tower

Poshanu Cham Tower is located on Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai Ward, 7 km northeast of Phan Thiet city center.

Poshanu Cham Tower was built in the 15th century and has a room away from Hoa Lai architecture, which is one of the ancient relics of the ancient Kingdom of Champa. The tower is quite intact with interesting sculptures, decorations, and Cham cultural values.

Visitors here can also visit the Lau Ong Hoang place of worship of the famous poet Han Mac Tu.

Khu du lịch Bửu Long